8a-stfrancis-gopro-matirx-engGoat’s Milk: The Biblical Secret to Long and Good Health?

Lacto-Fermented, Low Temperature Processed, Goat-Milk Based, Whole-Milk Protein

It’s very likely that the “land flowing with milk and honey,” as the Promised Land was described in the bible, could have also aptly been named the “land flowing with goat’s milk and honey.”[i] Goat’s milk is far superior to cow’s milk for several reasons, a few of which are:

  • No acid effect
  • No Alpha-S1 Casein, the so-called “devil in the milk”[ii]
  • It’s hypoallergenic, and
  • Eminently digestible relative to cow’s milk, i.e. the curd is more akin to that seen in (human) mother’s milk.

GoPro® Matrix is an excellent whole-food nutritional supplement and superior source of high-quality protein for building and maintaining optimal health and well-being. Made from lacto-fermented goat’s milk, Go-Pro Matrix retains the naturally occurring enzymes of the whole milk, ensuring maximum digestibility and absorption.

GoPro® Matrix is from the milk of free-range, grass-fed goats that are raised without pesticides, antibiotics or hormones on the pristine slopes of the mountainous Pacific Northwest. GoPro® Matrix’s low-temperature process yields a high quality, bio-available protein. Each serving contains a full complement of essential and non-essential amino acids. Athletes are especially dependent on high quality protein to ensure optimal physical performance and muscle recovery.

Readily digestible

Studies of the digestion of various milk proteins found that human casein protein was completely digestible. This compares with 96 percent of goat’s milk casein protein and only 76-90 percent of cow’s milk casein protein[iii].

Hypoallergenic, immune-friendly

Furthermore, goat’s milk is less likely to trigger allergic reactions, as it contains only trace amounts of alpha-S1, an allergen found in cow’s milk. Alpha-S1 has also been implicated in type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune diseases associated with cow’s milk[iv].

Alkaline effect

Unlike whey-protein isolates, which are extracted and concentrated from cow’s milk whey, GoPro® Matrix is a whole-food product. And while products made from cow’s milk have an acidic effect on the body, goat’s milk products have an alkaline effect. An excessively acidic metabolism is implicated in the onset of a wide variety of health disorders[v].

Lacto-fermentation for superior bioavailability

Lactic acid fermentation, the process by which lactic acid bacteria are used to ferment foods like milk into yogurt or cabbage into sauerkraut, enriches the micronutrient profile of those foods. It also makes these foods more digestible, enhancing the availability of the nutrients they contain.


Every 20g serving of GoPro® Matrix contains 15 g of high quality protein of superior biological value, fulfilling 30% of an average adult’s daily protein needs. Each serving contains a full complement of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Hippocrates is reputed to have said that, “If you want to be healthy, buy a goat and live on the south side of a mountain.”[vi]. Although we may not all be able to live as Hippocrates proposes, a simple way to incorporate his suggestion for overall health and vitality is to use GoPro® Matrix on a daily basis. To your health!


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