Poor digestion can be triggered by a number of different factors, ranging from stress to diet.

Your gut should be buzzing with good bacteria, creating a healthy environment in which food can be broken down, nutrients absorbed and where cells belonging to the immune system can happily go about their business.

Stressful situations, heavy meals, irregular eating or drinking patterns, or too much fast food can leave your digestion in need of some extra support.
• A healthy acidic environment is created by friendly bacteria in the large intestine, which contributes to the regular evacuation of the bowels. In a gut containing its full quota of friendly bacteria, stools are more likely to be soft, bulky and easy to pass.
• Intestinal fermentation and gases that cause bloating are less likely to bother you if your levels of friendly bacteria are satisfactory.
• A large number of immune cells (70% !) are found in the gut and many toxins (including viruses, yeasts and unfriendly bacteria) are neutralised there. The lactic acid produced by friendly bacteria is excellent at killing off pathogens.
• B vitamins are synthesised and may be absorbed in the gut, as may vitamin K.
• Good bacteria can bind to cholesterol and carry it out through the gut.

Ensuring your digestive tract is at optimal pH will support the growth of “good” bacteria needed to properly digest your food. Try using Molkosan® – a lacto-fermented whey beverage and source of L+ lactic acid that helps maintain a healthy pH of the gut.

The roots of Molkosan® (lactofermented whey)
Health resorts in Switzerland have been using lactofermented whey for centuries. When farmers noticed that pigs who fed on it seemed to thrive, they tried it themselves. They found that digestive and skin problems were resolved.

Alfred Vogel had a clinic in Appenzell where whey cures were particularly popular and he experimented with preservation methods so that its use was not restricted to those living within reach of an alpine herd!

This involved a fermentation process, which required the removal of the fat and protein, preserving it and making it suitable for those intolerant of dairy products. Vogel used only whey from cows grazing on the uplands, as their milk was enriched with the many herbs growing in this pastureland, and there was no spraying or chemical use there. His pure whey concentrate was known as Molkosan® .

Molkosan® is available in Original and natural Berry flavour.

Just add up to 2 teaspoons (10 mL) of Molkosan® Original or Berry in a glass of cold water (250 mL) for a refreshing drink.

A.Vogel Molkosan