Everyone’s heard of the brain boosting benefits of Ginkgo biloba. The leaves of this beautiful ancient tree have been used for thousands of years and have become the natural health product of choice for adults looking to improve cognitive function.

Ginkgo’s wide range of benefits stems from its functions as a neuroprotective agent. Ginkgo is an antioxidant, a free-radical scavenger, a membrane stabilizer, and an inhibitor of platelet aggregation (clumping).  Hence, it has been found to increase blood flow to the brain and extremities while helping to improve memory and concentration.  Ginkgo reportedly improves circulation and those with vertigo (dizziness) and tinnitus (ringing in the ears sometimes caused by compressed blood vessels) also experience improvements.

Healthy aging with Ginkgo
An aging population of “Boomers and Zoomers” (active Boomers) is naturally turning to the well-researched benefits of Ginkgo biloba to help them live the healthy life – mentally and physically.

Ginkgo also boosts the brain power of older folks without any significant symptoms of memory loss. The results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial of Ginkgo biloba extract showed enhanced neuropsychological and memory function in “cognitively intact” older adults 60 years of age and over.

Researched worldwide
Due to the positive study conclusions reported by researchers from around the world, enlightened physicians routinely recommend Ginkgo biloba to their older patients (after screening for potential drug interactions).

American Family Physician, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians reported that there are over 120 published clinical studies on Ginkgo, primarily from Europe.

Ginkgo was also found to improve circulation and is especially beneficial for intermittent claudication, a blockage of leg arteries. Sexual dysfunction caused by some anti-depressant medications has been improved from the use of Ginkgo.  Macular degeneration has been improved as well.

Be the best you can be!
Don’t wait for signs of cognitive decline before starting a Ginkgo biloba supplement program. Any adult would be wise to start now to prevent future memory loss with dietary, nutritional and lifestyle changes.  Think about it. When physical beauty and strength finally succumb to Father Time, the strength of the mind and the beauty of our thoughts will endure if we loyally nurture and exercise our brains. Now is the time to start!