2a-flora-digestive-enzymes-probiotics-enDo you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Lactose intolerance

These are clear signs that you are not digesting your food properly and you may not be absorbing vital nutrients.

Digestive enzymes are catalysts that enable the body to break down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, sugars and fibre. The body’s production of natural enzymes is decreased by stress, caffeine, alcohol, illness, pregnancy and simply aging. Cooking destroys nearly all of the enzymes in food. This is where Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Digestive Enzymes can help, they begin breaking food down from the moment you start eating, to ensure proper digestion and optimal nutrient absorption from your diet.

Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Digestive Enzymes contain natural enzymes that are formulated to prevent gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea and lactose intolerance, and are available in three different formulas, Daily Maintenance, Immediate Relief and Urgent Care enzyme.

Udo’s Choice® Daily Maintenance Enzyme helps to absorb your nutrients, and can be taken daily to ensure optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Formulated to help digest fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and fibre; it replaces natural enzymes that are lost from cooking.

Immediate Relief Enzymes are ideal for heavy meals, and eating out at restaurants, for those that suffer from mild cases of gas and bloating.  They promote regularity, improves digestion, prevents the uncomfortable feeling of fullness after a meal, and prevents gas and bloating from foods such as beans, grains, and dairy.

Suffer from lactose intolerance?  Urgent Care Enzymes are for those that suffer from extreme cases of gas and bloating.  They relieve symptoms of lactose intolerance including gas, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea; while improving digestion and decreasing food allergies.

Enzymes are a great first start to improving digestion and preventing uncomfortable symptoms of gas and bloating, however, they work even better alongside a good probiotic that provides a healthy dose of good bacteria.

Bad bacteria come from aging, environmental toxins and eating on-the-go. They need to be kept in check with the good bacteria found in probiotics. By winning the bacteria war on a daily basis, good bacteria aid nutrient absorption, promote regular bowel movements, improve digestion, reduce toxic overload and even support your immune system – something everyone could use help with now and then.

Probiotics are tiny workhorses for the human body. They tell potentially harmful microbes in our digestive tract to “move on”, they aid in cholesterol metabolism and they control bad bacteria throughout the entire digestive system. Without them, toxins run rampant, digestion deteriorates and bad bacteria can compromise the immune system. No matter how well you eat, exercise or manage stress, probiotics are important for good health.

Different ages and digestion concerns require different intestinal support, so Udo’s Choice® Probiotic Blends come in seven different formulas to meet every need. From toddler to senior and mouth health to elimination, Udo’s Choice® has what every body needs in science-based, medicinal bacterial blends.

Yeast overgrowth?  Toddler tummy trouble?  Slowed digestion?  Udo’s Choice® has just the thing.  The long-standing thought of probiotics was that more was better, yet different conditions have different needs.  Bottle-fed toddlers may be lacking in the important micro-organisms needed to digest and absorb nutrients so their bodies require lower numbers of B. infantis. Seniors are often challenged with slow digestion and need large numbers of viable cells to support healthy intestinal microflora. Those dealing with yeast overgrowth need a significant number of healthy bacteria to restore intestinal balance.

Keeping probiotics viable is more than just keeping them in the fridge. Udo’s Choice® Probiotic Blends are guaranteed active to the expiry date because of specially designed capsules, bottles and caps. Plus, the seven Udo’s Choice® blends use only medicinal bacterial strains. No additives, vitamins, neutraceuticals, FOS, or anything but condition-specific, live, friendly bacteria. Every bit of that good bacteria is making it to your intestinal tract because it is bile tolerant and gastric acid resistant, so there is no need for thick, often problematic, capsule coatings.

Whether you suffer from gas and bloating, or are in need of a probiotic, your digestive needs change with age and health conditions. Rest assured that with Udo’s Choice® you are guaranteed to have Gluten Free and Non-GMO products. With unique blends for whatever stage you’re in, you’ll find Udo’s Choice® probiotics and enzymes that are right for you at your local health food retailer.

Prevent gas, bloating and indigestion with Udo’s Choice® Enzymes and Probiotics