What makes NOW® Essential Oils special?  The integrity of our essential oils is determined by the botanical from which it was derived, proper harvesting, and gentle extraction methods that bring our products to life.
Aromatherapy – A Sensual Experience
Aromatherapy is the diffusion of pure, natural aromatic essences from plants and
botanicals for the purpose of promoting harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. It’s a natural technique that’s non-invasive, yet all-encompassing in its ability to affect the well-being of the whole person through the use of one of our most powerful of senses – the sense of smell.
Aromatherapy works through two different methods of action. The first is through the effect of aromas on the brain; the second is through the direct effects of the beneficial substances naturally inherent in the botanicals that essential oils are derived from.
Aromatherapy is not intended as a cure for any ailment. Rather, it helps to promote homeostasis (balanced function), possibly through indirect effects on the immune system and by improving the mental state of the user.
Using Essential Oils
Diffusion – Diffusion provides continuous distribution of the oils’ scents and active constituents, making it easy to absorb them within the body. Diffusion is an effective and noninvasive way to reap the benefits of essential oils.
Skin Applications – Certain oils can be applied to the skin, though it is very important to use caution as some of the highly concentrated oils need to be diluted for safe, topical use. Almond and Jojoba are two of the most popular carrier oils and are ideal for diluting. 
Bath – Adding just a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a warm bath is a wonderful way to unwind after a long, stressful day. 
Cosmetic Additions – Some essential oils can be complementary to your favorite cosmetic and personal care products. These include soaps and body wash, shampoos and conditioners, moisturizing lotions and creams, and many others. Always make sure, however, that the oil you’re working with is appropriate for topical use.
Recipes for Success
There are an infinite number of combinations and dilutions that can mirror the essence of scents that can promote feelings of well-being and conjure up pleasant thoughts and memories. Who doesn’t recognize the sweet & warming aromas of cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger; the refreshing, uplifting scents of orange, lemon, peppermint, and tangerine; refreshing and lively outdoor smells of pine, sandalwood, cedar, and balsam; or the romantic and inviting scents of rose, patchouli, ylang ylang or jasmine? Here are just a few recipes to give you an example of the powerful, yet pleasant healing benefits.

Add the following oils to a diffuser and enjoy:
Orange You Delightful
Uplifting, invigorating, cheerful
Orange (10 drops), Vanilla (25 drops) 
Peace Of Mind
Calming, relaxing, soothing, de-stressor
Lavender (10 drops), Chamomile (6 drops)
Goodnight Sleep
Promote rest, relaxation, and sleep
Sage (2 drops), Ylang Ylang (1 drop), Neroli Blend Oil (20 drops)
Enjoy Xmas Holidays
Candy Cane – Peppermint Oil (3 drops), Vanilla Oil (2 drops)
Gingerbread Man – Cinnamon Bark oil (3 drops), Clove Oil (1 drop), Ginger Oil (2 drops), Nutmeg oil (1 drop), Vanilla Oil (2 drops)
Holiday Wreath – Cedarwood (4 drops), Cypress (4 drops), Rosewood (1 drop), Pine (6 drops), Balsam (2 drops), Lavender (1 drop)
Romantic Nights
Tender Touch – Ylang Ylang (1 drop), Vanilla Oil (2 drops)
Exotic Nights – Orange (3 drops), Ylang Ylang (2 drops)
Sweet Romance – Cedarwood (2 drops), Clary Sage (2 drops), Vanilla (7 drops)
NOW® Solutions takes the quality and safety of their oils very seriously, and takes great pride in ensuring that every oil produced is brought to you in a manner that’s scientifically and environmentally responsible.