You have probably noticed that the natural health world has gone crazy for collagen lately. Although it has been around for years, this new popular supplement has come back with fresh excitement—and for good reason.

We all want to live younger, stronger and more vibrant lives. (At least those of us who shop in health food stores.) And as it turns out, collagen can help us do just that.

Meet Collagen: Your Favourite “Structural Protein”
Your body is constantly moving back and forth between two states: breaking down and building up. Stress, exercise and aging put you a steady state of breaking down. The result is weaker muscles, skin, and joints, just to name a few.

However, with the right support, you can keep your body mending and building as often as possible. Collagen is one of the critical ingredients that help to accomplish this goal. It plays a role in strong bones, cartilage, connective tissue, skin, hair, nails and much more.

In essence, collagen provides the essential building materials you need for a healthy, active body in the midst of a very busy life!

How To Use It
One of the most attractive things about collagen is its ability to blend in anything. The unflavoured powder variety is virtually tasteless, which means it can be easily mixed (and hidden) in any liquid.

Try it in juice, a smoothie or cup of coffee for a secret collagen boost…(for you OR a picky loved one).

What About Flavours?
Absolutely! Select brands offer powdered collagen with all natural flavours that taste great in water alone. Consider it your refreshing morning or afternoon thirst quencher.

Will Any Collagen Do?
With all the buzz—and science—behind collagen these days, you may be thinking about giving it a shot. But can you buy just any old product off the shelf?

In short: no. Not all collagen supplements are created equally.

How then, do you choose the right one from so many options? Here are just a few buying tips:
1. SOURCE: Go for non-GMO collagen from pasture-raised, grass fed cattle so you can be sure it is free from both antibiotics and added hormones.
2. DOSE: Look for a 10g dose, as all the latest research points to this as a scientifically validated dose.
3. SUPPORT: Added Vitamin C is best. Your body can’t use collagen without it, so you might as well get a little extra at the time of consumption.

Introducing Complete Collagen™ from Progressive®
One of our favourite collagen products is brand new! Progressive® Complete Collagen™ meets all of our SOURCE, DOSE and SUPPORT criteria from above. Plus, it’s available in unflavoured (for your hidden boost) as well as two great flavours: Tropical Breeze and Citrus Splash.

Keep Up With Life
In summary, you can use collagen as one simple way to support a healthy, active body. This structural protein provides the building blocks you need to stay strong while you’re busy living life to the fullest.

So while “active” may look different for all of us, we all need the same inner support. Use Complete Collagen™ to mend and repair so you can keep up with life.

Just scoop, stir and GO!