1a-hfn-theme-enjoy-2016-enLaugh more. Love more. Live more. Inside uncover ways to make better choices to improve your health in 2016.

Enjoy more! From boosting your smoothie to making a date with trees, here are some quick and easy tips to making better choices in 2016.

Tip: Boost Your Smoothie

Enhance your smoothie by adding more ‘good-stuff’: a squirt of omegas, a sprinkle of probiotics, a drop of vitamin D, and a scoop of dark green veggies or antioxidant-rich berry powder.


Salad Spinner

3 tsp greens
1 scoop protein – unflavoured
2-3 tsp fish oil or vegetarian alternative
1 tbsp chia seeds – ground
½ cup celery juice
½ cup vegetable juice
¼ cup chopped celery
1 clove of garlic
½ tsp fresh grated ginger
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp flat leaf parsley

Place all the above ingredients in your blender.  Blend and enjoy!


Tip: Ferment More Often

Fermented foods are packed with nutrients, as well as probiotics that keep your digestive system happy. From yogurt to fermented drinks, try eating fermented foods more often.

Tip: Stay in the Game

Don’t get sidelined by the common cold. Arm your immune system with the help of natural immune boosters such as vitamin C, oregano and homeopathic remedies.

Tip: Eat Chocolate

Stress is a culprit involved in fatigue, weight gain and wrinkle formation. A tasty way to beat stress is to eat dark chocolate according to a Swiss study. Magnesium and lavender oil are other natural remedies that help combat stress.

Tip: Make a Date with a Tree

Taking a walk in the woods improves mental health according to a 2015 study conducted at Stanford University. Get out there!

Tip: Starve Those Munchies

Pump-up the protein level of your breakfast to prevent those monstrous mid-morning cravings by adding hemp hearts, chia seeds or protein powder to your oatmeal, granola or smoothie.

Tip: Just Breathe

Taking a few deep breaths beneficially lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Research studies also suggest deep breathing boosts your immune system and may be linked to longevity.

Tip: Maximize to Energize

The body can amplify energy production when it has the right nutrients: B vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes and multivitamins. Regular detoxing/cleansing may also help.

Tip: Snack Wisely

Eating more fibre and protein can help crush those monstrous cravings for junk food that expand your waistline and spike your blood sugar. Garcinia promotes feelings of fullness. Exercise is another important part of successful weight management.

Laugh more. Love more. Live more. Enjoy more of the best things in life by making better choices this New Year.


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