1a-natural-factors-whey-factors-engMake this the year you really stick to those diet resolutions – help is just a shake away!

If you have a goal for the coming year that includes improving your diet, exercising more or just having more energy, you CAN achieve it. But why are so many diet and exercise resolutions abandoned before January is over?

Habits can be hard to break, but a primary reason people fail to lose weight or get more active as a New Year’s resolution is that their approach just isn’t sustainable. Bodies need nutrition and energy. If you don’t provide enough long term – that is “slow burning” – nutrition, you won’t have sufficient energy for that workout program and you’ll crave unhealthy foods, or be tempted by starchy or sugary snacks, and there goes the resolve and the resolution.

Sometimes people think eliminating fats and proteins will help them lose weight faster. But too little of the good fats your body needs and you will have problems with skin health, circulation, and even mental acuity. Too little protein and your body can’t rebuild muscle and cells. Fats and protein also provide longer term energy than other foods. Many women as well as men have found that a protein shake, made with Whey Factors, can help moderate cravings and reduce appetite between meals without adding excessive calories.

If you try increasing your exercise without increasing your protein intake you could be burning energy from your muscles, not burning fat. Whey Factors before or after a workout can ensure lean muscle mass is supported. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, this strategy can make you more efficient in achieving your weight management or fitness goals.

Whatever your age, sufficient protein intake is important. Children and teenagers can have poor diets and may be missing protein they need to build strong bodies. With Whey Factors natural flavours and sweeteners kids can enjoy a healthy drink that tastes like a milk shake.

Older people often eat less of everything, including protein that they need to prevent muscle loss common with aging. A Whey Factors shake, or the addition of Whey Factors to other foods and recipes, can ensure family members of every age get enough protein each day.

Give your body what it needs and make this the year your resolutions stick!
Whey Factors® Protein Shakes: Recipes

PGX & Whey Protein Very Vanilla

300 mL cold water
150 mL soymilk, nut milk or 1% milk
1 scoop Whey Factors French Vanilla
¼ tsp ground cinnamon (more to taste)
Dash of All Spice or pinch of nutmeg to taste!
Measure out liquid into a shaker or blender cup. Add a serving of Whey Factors, cinnamon, and other spice if desired. Secure lid. Shake vigorously until ingredients are blended well. Drink immediately or let sit for 2–5 minutes for a smoother and creamier texture! Drink an additional glass of water (375–500 mL) after taking Whey Factors.

Whey Factors Protein French Vanilla
Coconut Blast Shake

240 mL Coconut water (e.g., O.N.E. Coconut Water or Blue Monkey Pure coconut water)
60 mL water
1 scoop Whey Factors French Vanilla
Option: 2 ice cubes
Measure out liquids into a shaker or blender cup. Add 1 scoop of Whey Factors French Vanilla and, if desired, 1–2 ice cubes. Shake or blend until smooth. Drink an additional glass of water (375–500 mL) after taking Whey Factors.

Very Berry Smoothie (2 servings)
2 cups (500 mL) berries: strawberries, raspberries (frozen are fine too)
2–3 ice cubes
1 cup (250 mL) cold filtered water
1 scoop Whey Factors French Vanilla
1 tbsp flaxseed oil

Combine all ingredients in a blender or use hand blender until smooth.