Injuries, contusions, fractures, inflammatory aches and pains;
Are you addressing the whole problem or simply quieting the symptoms?

Spring is a glorious time for most – a time when we remove winter’s heavy layers and quite literally get back into the swing of things. It also means the return of summer sports…. with the requisite scraped knees and other injuries that often go hand in hand with cycling, skating, running and the like.

How should we TREAT the injury? 
Injuries come in all shapes and sizes and vary from the mild to the severe. All injuries do have one thing in common: they invariably result in pain.   Once the pain goes away, people will quickly return to their regular activities without being completely healed.  Complications can arise when an injury does not heal properly or completely.

Unfortunately, an unhealed injury will weaken the body.  That can create vulnerability to future traumas, arthritic symptoms and other musculoskeletal difficulties down the road. It is only by supporting the body’s own inherent, self-regulating and self-healing inflammatory process that complete healing can be achieved.

This is where Traumeel® comes in
Traumeel® works at the source of the pain or injury to treat inflammation, relieve pain and accelerate healing.  Supported by over two dozen scientific studies, Traumeel® is effective on muscle pain, joint pain, bruising and inflammation associated with injuries such as sprains and contusions. 

Traumeel® is a precisely designed, homeopathic formulation of 14 plant and mineral ingredients.  Each ingredient provides a specific therapeutic action to support the healing process.  It is scientifically proven to be effective to manage pain, support the body through every phase of the inflammatory process and shorten recovery time. 

Traumeel® is available in many forms from the topical ointment and gel that offer inflammation support and pain reduction on a topical level to the oral forms (tablets, drops and drinkable ampoules) that offer systemic inflammatory support and pain management for a comprehensive healing of injuries.

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