Dr. Formulated: A New Targeted Approach to Optimal Gastrointestinal Health

Probiotics in a nutshell
While most people have surely heard of probiotics, It’s probably safe to say that not everyone is entirely clear on what they are, and the amazing health benefits that they offer. Let’s begin by exploring the word itself, it would seem that the root of  “probiotic” comes from the contraction of the Greek words pro, meaning “promoting” and biotic, meaning “life.” From there it is easy to understand that the word basically denotes a substance that stimulates the growth of microorganisms, especially those with beneficial properties. In fact, in general terms, probiotics can be defined as live microbes which confer various health benefit to the person taking them. To put it even more plainly, probiotics are “good bacteria.”

Do I need probiotics?
When all is well, “good bacteria” should make up about 90 percent of your gut microflora. That said, the bacterial landscape of the digestive track is in a constant state of flux due to a variety of factors such as diet, stress, medication, heredity, illness and our exposure to environmental toxins. Though the growing body of scientific evidence is already quite robust, we are still merely starting to learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy cohort of bacteria in our digestive tract through diet and supplementation to bolster overall health and quality of life. However, as in all things, not all probiotic formulation are of equal value and will offer the same benefits to health.

Introducing Dr. Formulated Probiotics
Recognizing the need for potent, viable, scientifically validated, multi-source probiotics, Garden of Life and Dr. Perlmutter, a brain health expert and premier authority on the human microbiome decided to come together to create a unique line of probiotic formulations, each with its own specific targeted indications and complementary support nutrients. Based on solid scientific data and using a variety of clinically studied strains, the Dr. Formulated line of probiotics and enzymes quite literally takes probiotics to whole new level.

The line features gluten-free, vegetarian, hypoallergenic and dairy and soy free formulas that use a state of the art temperature and humidity-controlled cold manufacturing process, to ensure maximum viability of the probiotic cultures through to the expiration date. Among the options are a high potency Once Daily gastrointesinal health formula, an Ultra high potency Once Daily gut support formula, a unique and innovative Mood support option, with probiotics, organic ashwagandha and organic Alaskan blueberries, as well as powerful whole-spectrum & whole food based Enzyme formulation. Let’s explore certain key areas in which the Dr. Formulated line of probiotics can be of particular benefit.

Proper nutrition and digestion go hand in hand: without an adequately balanced and healthy diet, proper digestion is simply not possible. Further, consistently poor eating habits lead to poor digestion, which in turn leads to a poor extraction and absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat, and ultimately to various digestion-related health conditions. There are a number of supplements you can take to help support optimal digestive health. Probiotics and enzymes both support the digestive process in very specific ways by improving intestinal microflora,

promoting proper digestion and elimination, and optimizing one’s nutritional profile. Further, probiotics pass through the stomach lining and colonize the intestine, imparting all of their health promoting properties.

Mood and cognitive function
Most healthcare professionals are well aware of the scientifically proven link that exists between mood and cognitive disorders and poor intestinal health. In fact, it is often said that the gut is the second brain because it originates from the same type of tissue as the brain. As such, both the gut and brain are said to work in tandem-like fashion, each exerting an influence on the other, and each having an inextricable and profound impact on the other. This relationship between the two helps explain the link between mood and cognitive disorders, and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Immune Function
When you consider that over 80% of the immune system resides in the gut, it becomes evident that a healthy gut is of primordial importance to the maintenance of optimal health. In fact, beneficial, healthy, friendly bacteria have a lifelong, powerful effect on the gut’s immune system and in turn, on the systemic immune system as a whole.

Which Dr. Formulated Probiotic is right for you?
Probiotics offer myriad benefits to health – both in terms of health maintenance and disease prevention, as well in the form of treatment for a great many conditions. Now that the Dr. Formulated line of probiotics has taken the guesswork out which brand to choose for optimal quality and efficacy, which targeted Probiotic Formulation will you opt for?

Find Dr. Formulated probitics in all fine health food stores today and start living your most healthful life!

By : Stéphanie Bureau, Naturopath