Genuine Health’s NEW advanced gut health probiotic is a different kind of probiotic.

Make Over Your Microbiome
2017 has been hailed the ‘Year of the Gut Makeover.’ Now being better understood as a gateway to glowing health, the gut microbiome plays a role in so many important body processes. A healthy gut microbiome is teeming with diversity and can be described as an “inner garden.” This inner garden helps our body to manufacture important vitamins and essential fatty acids, and also plays a direct role in our digestion, whether we catch the cold that’s going around, our day-to-day moods, how our skin looks, and even our body composition.

But unfortunately many of us have less microbiome diversity than we should. The modern way of living can be damaging to the gut microbiome. Certain factors, like stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, toxins and the typical North American diet can lead to loss of microbial diversity. Not to mention antibiotic use, which causes a direct die-off of select bacteria. To make matters worse, once these bacteria have died, so do others that were dependent on them.

Symptoms like bloating and digestive trouble, food sensitivities, weakened immunity, brain fog and low moods, and skin breakouts and rashes, may indicate that it’s time to address gut health.

The good news is that it is possible to change the health of your gut microbiome. Genuine Health has just launched its first probiotic – advanced gut health probiotic! From the strain selection, to the cleaning, and finally the encapsulation process, we’ve figured out how to deliver more strains of friendly bacteria to where they will thrive in your gut.

Some probiotics contain only a few strains, but studies have shown that multi-strain formulas are more effective than individual species. advanced gut health probiotic is crafted with 15 strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium that mimic the balance of healthy human gut flora.

The way in which the strains are treated ensures a more potent and stable blend. In a humidity- and temperature-controlled environment, the strains are cleaned in small batches to remove excess media and any weak parts. The resulting strains are stronger, fitter, and shelf stable at room temperature.

The next step is to carefully consider the delivery system. The strains in advanced gut health probiotic are encapsulated in a vegan, delayed-release capsule with a fermented prebiotic. This ensures that the strains pass through the stomach acid, reaching the gut where they thrive – a full 45 minutes after standard capsules. This unique encapsulation process delivers up to ten times the bacteria to the gut.

Instead of packaging probiotic capsules in a bottle, which exposes them to humidity each time the bottle is opened, Genuine Health thoughtfully chose blister packs. Blister packs protect capsules from humidity and ambient air, helping to preserve their potency.

A shelf stable probiotic is a game-changer when it comes to compliance. When probiotics don’t require refrigeration, they can go everywhere with you and you’ll never forget to take them again!

advanced gut health probiotic is available in 15 billion and 50 billion CFU. Which strength to choose?

A higher CFU is recommended during states of high stress, digestive complaints, or during times when antibiotics are used. Beyond that, trust your gut and do what feels best for you! Some people feel great taking 15 billion, while others like to “go big” with 50 billion.

No other probiotic on the market offers the strain assortment ratio, delivery system or guaranteed potency as advanced gut health probiotic – try it and feel the difference.