An effective and thorough detoxification program should take the form of powerful combination homeopathic medications that are formulated to offer gentle support to the body’s organs and superior cleansing, without harsh laxatives and diuretics.
Detoxification and Health 
Over 1000 new chemicals are released each year into the environment.  Most have not been fully tested for their effect on the human body. They can cause immune system toxicity, endocrine disruption and some are even suspected of having carcinogenic potential. In addition to these environmental toxins, the body also produces hormones as a natural part of human metabolism (histamine, cortisol, adrenaline, etc.).  If these also build up, it creates a heavy toxic load. 
Although many people understand the importance of healthy eating and physical activity, however, diet and exercise are clearly only part of the equation. In the end, no matter their origin, toxins must be detoxified from our bodies in order for the human organism to continue to function optimally.
Defining Homeopathic Medicine 
Homeopathy is a complementary or alternative form of medicine (CAM). It should not be confused with other forms of CAM (such as phytotherapy, Chinese herbal medicine, orthomolecular therapy, dietary approaches, etc.), which all rely on the overt medicinal effects of substances. In a nutshell, homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted active substances, with the aim of triggering the body’s natural auto-regulatory systems. Contrary to most other forms of medicinal therapy, homeopathy is mild on the system, and respects the body’s own inherent sense of homeostasis (balance).
Homeopathy lends itself particularly well to stimulating and supporting the detoxification process.  
Detoxification with Homeopathy
Toxins are processed by various organs and systems in the body: such as the liver, kidneys, skin, mucous membranes, lymphatic system and extracellular matrix, which all take part in the excretion of toxins. Supporting the functioning of these organs and systems, as well as accelerating the speed at which they perform their individual detoxifying actions, will result in cleaner bodies and ultimately better health. Traditionally, many people associated harsh laxatives and diuretics with detoxification programs; as if toxins were all merely hiding at the surface in our bowels and bladders. Modern science has shown us otherwise. In fact, low dose preparations that act mildly on the system, but deeply on cellular structures, have been shown to be ideal to thoroughly cleanse toxins out of the system and restore balance to the body. 
Heel’s Detox-Kit® is a high-quality detoxification program consisting of three combination homeopathic preparations.  Each is formulated to offer gentle support to the body’s organs and superior cleansing, without the harsh laxatives and diuretics. The Detox-Kit program is easy to use: simply add 30 drops of each preparation to a bottle of water and drink throughout the day. The entire program should take approximately 3 weeks to complete.
Additional facts about Detox-Kit®
A thorough detoxification can be had and should be expected merely with the administration of Detox-Kit. This being said, for best results, you should also try to maintain a healthy diet throughout the program. Ideally Detox-Kit should be accompanied by a clean, fresh and colourful diet that contains lots of organic fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and no additives, refined foods or preservatives. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided. Plenty of clean, natural water, adequate sleep, moderate exercise and stress management are also essential.
During the detoxification process you should not feel ill, experience GI upset or otherwise feel unwell. Many people that use Detox-Kit do not report much in the way of symptoms at all. Because it is homeopathic in nature, the Detox-Kit preparations are mild on the system, yet work deeply to stimulate and support the major organs of detoxification to clear the body of its toxins. Individual responses vary and are dependent on an individual’s health status. Some may report mild symptoms such as headache, nausea or tiredness. These symptoms are typically managed by adjusting down the dose and should be discussed with your healthcare practitioner.    
Stimulating and supporting the body’s natural detoxification and drainage processes with a quality program such as Detox-Kit can go a long way to preserving health. Realistically, detoxification should be considered an intrinsic part of health management, along with healthy eating, regular exercise, adequate sleep and stress management.
Stéphanie Bureau, is a practitioner and mom of three, who has worked in the natural and alternative health field for over 20 years; both as a consultant for various natural health laboratories as well as in private practice.