A Healthy On-the-Go Snack

Snacking is a big part of the North American diet. A 2019 survey found that 57 per cent of participants snack once a day and another 31 per cent do it a couple of times a week. That means most of us are doing it. The popularity of the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, pre- or post-workout refuelling […]

Don’t Forget to Eat your Reds

Just think about it for a moment. Think about all the brilliant colours of all the fruits and vegetables that grow on our amazing planet. Imagine this edible rainbow with all the colours of health. Did you know that every colour and shade in the plant kingdom yields its own unique nutritional spectrum? Each of […]

Staying Healthy Through the Changing Seasons

Sickness can strike at the worst time, which can lead to missing those important life events such as; recitals, travel plans, work, and well…life.  The prevalence of chronic stress, engagement in strenuous exercise and poor diet can all play a role in the frequency and severity of upper respiratory tract infections. It’s no secret that […]

What’s the Buzz about Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey has unique properties. It is earthier and richer than other honey, with a deeper flavour profile and a thicker, more viscous consistency. It also has unique chemical compounds.


For centuries, the Māori of New Zealand used the mānuka tree in aboriginal folk medicine. Bark and leaves were boiled, the vapour inhaled for head colds, […]

Fermentation: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Health Science

What is Food Fermentation?
A food-preparation technique dating back to ancient times, fermentation has been traditionally used to preserve fresh foods and improve their shelf life, increase nutrient density, and enhance flavour. Many well-known fermented foods and beverages (i.e. apple cider vinegar, olives, miso) have also been shown to contain health-promoting phytonutrients, especially polyphenols.1 These potent […]

Getting fibre without FODMAPs

Fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet; however, the average adult in Canada consumes far less than the recommended 21–38 g of dietary fibre per day (1). A moderate intake of dietary fibre has been associated with maintaining overall health (1). This includes soluble fibre, which is fermented by beneficial bacteria in the […]

Mastering Gluten Free Eating

Eating a gluten-free diet has its benefits and pitfalls. Gluten-free eating includes more whole foods (since gluten is added to many processed foods), which is a great choice! Most processed foods have added sugar, sodium, saturated and trans fat. But, gluten-containing grains are a source of selenium, phosphorus and magnesium. Plus, they are commonly fortified […]


Greet your routine with renewed energy from phytonutrient-rich greens+! The perfect way to maximize nourishment with a busy schedule!

Summer days are pretty much behind us as we return to the daily grind. With the coming of September comes a spirit of starting anew – like a secondary “New Year”. The resolve to do things better […]


Protein is a hot topic, but sometimes, we just need the basics—not a novel. Get the 411 on protein here!

Protein, protein, protein. It’s the most popular of all the macronutrients. Protein is definitely riding a Maverick-size wave right now, and with good reason.  Once just adored by bodybuilders looking to build muscle, now more people […]


Almonds have grown in popularity recently as they are one of the most nutrient dense tree nuts available and have several health benefits. Even the medical community has recognized this as St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto has found that adding almonds to a patient’s diet can significantly reduce coronary heart disease risk factors.  The protein, […]