Many people think that all calcium supplements are created equal. The truth is that the most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from limestone or rock. We don’t eat rocks as part of our balanced diet, so why would we choose to supplement our bone health nutritional needs with limestone?

Our bodies understand and seek whole-food sources of nutrition. That’s why New Chapter formulated Bone Strength Take Care™ with a whole-food plant source of calcium, magnesium, and other important trace minerals. The calcium complex in Bone Strength Take Care is derived from a specific plant form called Lithothamnion calcareum, sustainably harvested from pristine shores along the Icelandic coastline. Much like organic vegetables, this sea plant is allowed to mature naturally and is then sustainably harvested to deliver its optimal nutritional value. Calcium must be completely dissolved in order to be absorbed.

The plant-based calcium found in Bone Strength Take Care grows in a honeycomb structure and is extremely porous, which dramatically increases the calcium’s surface area. Stomach acid can then come into greater contact with the calcium, making it easy to dissolve. Calcium carbonate sourced from limestone has a much smaller, rocky surface area and is more difficult to dissolve.

Our Bones: Critical for Structure and Function
Our bones play a critical role in human activity and health. We are able to stand, walk and jump,
among other activities, because of our bones and the strong skeletal structure they form.

Without our bones, we wouldn’t be able to walk on land, as we would collapse under our own weight. Most visual cues for bone, like dinosaur fossils or skeletons in biology classrooms evoke a lifeless  permanent structure. It’s even easy to believe that once we reach adulthood, our bones stop growing and we keep the same skeleton for the rest of our lives.

Bone Remodeling: A Lifelong Process
The truth is, human bones are active living tissues that, like our cells, are constantly being created and then broken down to maintain optimal health and function. This process of breaking down old bone and building new bone is called bone remodeling and it begins at birth and continues throughout our entire lives. In fact, we remodel our entire skeleton every seven years — that’s a complete new set of bones in just a few short years.

This constant remodeling of our bones should give us confidence in our bone health — we probably wouldn’t want to live in the same house our entire life without remodeling, why would we want the structure of our bodies to remain stagnant?

A key to optimal bone health is balance. Specifically, we can maintain our bone strength if we build new bone as quickly as we remove old bone. As we age, however, our body struggles to maintain this balance and bone strength can be affected.

Why Bone Strength Take Care?
Bone Strength Take Care is whole-food calcium sourced from plants, not limestone. It contains a Calcium/Magnesium , Vitamin D3, and Natural Vitamin K2 Complex. Bone Strength Take Care helps in the development and maintenance of bones and helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus. Additionally, calcium intake, when combined with sufficient Vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. And it’s gentle on your stomach!

Cautions and Warnings: Avoid using two hours prior to or until four hours after taking other medications.  This product contains soy. Do not use if you have a soy allergy.
Contraindications: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.