7c-sisu-integris-probiotics-engIt should be no surprise that optimal health begins in the digestive system. In fact, the majority of our immune system is housed in our digestive tract and about 90% of our serotonin, or “happy hormone”, is also found in our gut. If we want to feel our best and fight off infections, we need to keep our digestive system happy. What is surprising is the amount of Canadians who suffer from poor digestive health and more severe conditions. Currently, 5 million Canadians suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and about 120,000 people develop the condition yearly, ranking us among the highest in the world.


Recurrent digestive issues don’t just affect your intestines and cause physical distress. They can be disruptive, debilitating, and embarrassing – so much so that they can alter your daily routine and lifestyle freedom to the point that where you go and what you do is limited or carefully planned.

Probiotics – delivered with the right strain, in the right place, and at the right dose can help populate your intestinal ecosystem with the positive, beneficial microflora that can make a difference and help you “normalize” your daily routine and bring back comfort, freedom, confidence, and the ability to enjoy life.

Today’s advances in probiotics focus less on the quantity and number of different strains, and more on identified strains that deliver clinically-validated results and true potency at expiration. Leading the way in digestive health research is a very specific human strain of probiotic named Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v. One of the most extensively-researched probiotics, L. plantarum (LP299v™) has been the subject of more than 75 clinical studies. It has been studied in healthy adults and children, including in those with IBS. The research has proven that LP299v™ improves gastro-intestinal health and elimination in healthy people, alleviates the pain, bloating, and frequency in people with IBS, and reduces or eliminates the effects of antibiotic treatment, including C.difficil. In addition, it has been shown to improve iron absorption, reduce cholesterol, and lower inflammatory markers.


  1. plantarum 299v has other specific properties that distinguish it from other friendly bacteria. It is stomach acid resistant and the only strain proven to stimulate the growth of other probiotic bacteria, thereby improving the intestinal biodiversity. In addition, it possesses a rare, specific mechanism of action that prevents pathogenic bacteria from colonizing the intestinal tract, thus preventing digestive upset and more importantly infection.


It’s critical to achieve and maintain the right balance of healthy bacteria for optimal digestive and overall health. Using the appropriate strain and dose of probiotics can promote a daily digestive wellness and abdominal comfort all year long.