9a-prairienaturals-liquid-line-blJust about everyone has some kind of health problem to solve. Nutritional therapy is proving to be a safe and effective solution to many of our most common and debilitating health problems. While getting all the daily nutritional factors we need is one thing, absorbing them well, is another matter altogether.

Any trip to your local natural health product store will yield an assortment of supplement delivery choices – tablet, capsule, softgel, powder and liquid and often people struggle to decide: Which is better, liquid or pill form? Different people will have different needs. Nutrients get into the bloodstream several ways; absorption through the skin, injection, and the most common method is ingestion via liquid or pills. For people who have difficulty swallowing pills, such as the elderly and young children, liquid supplements offer an easy and convenient way to deliver essential vitamins and minerals without the need to consume large tablets or multiple capsules.

Are all liquid supplements the same? No! It is important to know what to look for when choosing a liquid supplement. Some liquid supplements deliver nutrients that are suspended in liquid and other provide vitamin and minerals that are in a solution. The ingredients in a liquid suspension are not dissolved in the liquid, they are merely suspended (held) in the liquid. You can see this for yourself as the liquid and solids separate and need to be shaken before use. A suspension must be dissolved by the body’s own digestive secretions and stomach acid. This is a disadvantage given that stomach acid levels are unpredictable. Conversely, the ingredients in a solution are thoroughly dissolved and “disassociated” so the body freely absorbs all the nutritional factors without taxing the digestive system. Liquid solutions are readily utilized with minimal digestive effort and providing maximum results.

This is an important factor in choosing a calcium supplement. Calcium is one of the more difficult elements for the body to digest and absorb. The calcium we swallow does not always end up in our bone tissue or result in calming our muscles and nerves. Solutions are the most easily absorbed forms of nutrients. Suspensions (like most liquid supplements) or solids (capsules, powders or tablets), are the second and third best absorbed forms, respectively.

A completely soluble ionic mineral formulas is 100% ready for absorption. After all, it’s not just what you take; it’s what your body absorbs and can utilize that’s important.