10a-genuinehealth-greensplus-blAn evolving world needs evolved nutrition. greens+ is the only superfood containing the antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and herbal extracts to protect and defend your health in our changing world.

Today’s world is nothing like it used to be. We stay connected to loved ones through our phones and tablets, but our love of technology has created unprecedented amounts of electromagnetic radiation, wreaking havoc on our biochemical processes. Sure, when we think about pollution our minds wander to smoke stacks and landfills, but have you ever thought about all the chemicals that go down your drain each day from the products you use to clean yourself and your house? We are exposed to so much more than we used to be, which our amazing body can handle if given the right nutrients. Ironically, while we live in a time where we need more of these nutrients to protect our health from our everyday world, modern agriculture practices and the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers have actually rendered our food less nutritious than it once was.

What keeps greens+ at the top of its game is that it works. In the early 1970’s Sam Graci, the man behind this magic green powder, was working with at-risk teenagers. He saw the powerful changes that simply eating a colourful, alkaline diet could have on the health and well being of those he worked with. It launched him into serious study, and after years of research, ingredient selection, and formulation tinkering, greens+ was born.

The magic of greens+ lies in the groundwork that Sam did all those years ago. More than just a “green powder” greens+ contains all the colours of the rainbow, blues from European Bilberry, reds from Acerola Cherry, and purples from a full Grape Extract. It also contains standardized herbal extracts that are clinically proven to energize the body, and nourish it through times of stress (both physical and mental). He knew that not all nutrients were absorbed in the same manner, and choose to include a standardized lecithin to ensure that the fat-soluble nutrients were absorbed just as readily as those that are absorbed in water. And of course there is the greens; the colour of life and renewal. Spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass and Atlantic dulse are just some of the potent alkalizing ingredients that are found in each and every scoop of this amazing formula. All of these ingredients (all 23 to be exact) are found in their whole food form, as if the water was just removed.

Some may say greens+ was ahead of its time, as it truly is a formula for the modern day world. This concentrated dose of nutrition helps to defend your health and protect your body from our present day realities. Its rich chlorophyll content, along with natural fibres helps to gently rid the body of toxins. Its potent herbs help to improve resiliency to stress, mental acuity, and support vision. On the whole, it is clinically proven to help protect bone health, increase energy, improve your levels of antioxidants, increase alkalinity, and improve overall well-being.

As nutritional science evolved, so too did greens+. While the original formula has remained tried and true, Genuine Health works tirelessly to offer consumers formulas that help with their specific health needs. Vegan greens+ O is one such formula. As we learned more about dietary sensitivities it became clear that some people could simply not digest the small amount of gluten that was in the original formula due to the inclusion of wheat grass. Vegan greens+ O was formulated with the essence of greens+ in mind, but gives consumers the option of a 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan formula (the royal jelly and bee pollen were removed). Our “booster” formulas also provide consumers with their daily dose of greens+, but have additional blends included to target specific needs. greens+ extra energy for example, has a dose of naturally occurring caffeine, as well as energizing herbs that promote endurance, stamina, and give us the extra kick we need to get going when we are feeling sluggish.

greens+ truly is evolved nutrition and is the only superfood containing the antioxidants, phytonutrients, probiotics and herbal extracts to protect and defend your health from our changing world.