9a-factors-wes-herringgold-engWant the gold standard in fish oil? Go for herring roe, rich in omega-3 phospholipids for heart and brain health.

Herring: the Gold Standard in fish oil

Herring is so valued by the Norwegian people that they call it the “silver of the sea.” Not only is the small, silvery fish an important mainstay of mealtime, herring roe is a rich source of essential fatty acids known as omega 3s. Getting enough omega 3s through diet and supplements is a foundation of good health; vital for supporting the heart, brain, and whole body.

The herring roe difference

Not all omega 3s are created equal, which is why oil from herring roe is the gold standard in essential fatty acid supplements: rich in phospholipid-bound omega-3s, with complementary choline and antioxidant astaxanthin. No other fish oil offers the specific combination of beneficial nutrients found in herring roe oil. Unlike most fish oils, the phospholipid form of omega-3 fatty acids in Whole Earth & Sea Herring Gold are the same kind found in our own human cells, so our bodies can easily absorb – and use – them. Thanks to this handy quirk of chemistry, the oil from herring roe is uniquely suited to support human health. Herring roe oil is also richer in DHA and EPA, the most important omega-3 fatty acids, than krill oil, making it a more potent player in the maintenance of good health.

Herring Gold is also rich in astaxanthin, a red-orange pigment found in aquatic animals. A member of the carotenoid family (the same family as the vitamin A that gives carrots their vibrant orange hue), astaxanthin has a reputation as the most powerful discovered antioxidant. With the ability to protect against free radical damage, antioxidants are the antidote to inflammation.

Choline is the final nutrient that sets herring oil apart from the crowd and rounds out the health benefits of Herring Gold. Though choline isn’t officially considered a B vitamin, it has similar qualities, yet it is often overlooked in the quest for optimal health. Choline is a building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which promotes intelligence and memory. Choline provides heart-healthy benefits on top of its brain-boosting power.

Good for you, good for the planet

This rich marine source of omega-3s is also one of the most sustainable. Unlike traditional fish or krill oils, herring roe is a by-product of the existing Norwegian spring-spawning herring fishery. This environmentally conscious way of sourcing herring oil means no new fish are caught to meet a growing need for omega-3s. The herring oil in Herring Gold is independently certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as part of their mission to protect marine habitat, and the abundant schools of herring in Norway’s frigid waters are not at risk for overfishing.

Is herring oil for you?

In a world flooded with conflicting nutritional information, when it comes to omega-3s all signs point to yes. Omega-3s are among the most thoroughly studied nutrients, and the research agrees that omega-3s have a wealth of health benefits. While fish oils aren’t for everybody (those taking anticoagulants or blood pressure medications should talk to their doctor before taking any fish oil supplements) – there’s almost no one who wouldn’t benefit from having herring oil in his or her corner. Even those who usually avoid fish oils due to the unpleasant aftertaste are thrilled to discover that Whole Earth & Sea Herring Gold softgels don’t cause the dreaded fishy repeat – herring roe oil is all pros, no cons.

Whether you seek to protect your heart health, are looking to support brain function, or you’re on the hunt for ecologically friendly omega-3s, herring oil has what you need – in the most effective form. Go herring oil, and you’ll never go back.

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