8c-natures-way-coconut-oil-engMCTs Put Sublime in the Coconut

Did you know that sixty percent of the weight of a coconut is oil? This great energy source is used by the coconut to grow into one of the tallest trees in tropic and semi-tropic regions. The nutrients from this rich oil travel through the tree to reach the top and be stored in the coconut seed. The reason it’s able to climb the tree is the relative water solubility of the abundant medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) nature puts in coconut oil.

What makes coconut oil MCTs so healthy?

Coconut oil is a composition of nutritional fats called triglycerides, including short, medium, and long chain fatty acids. The researched benefits of coconut oil for energy, brain health, oral hygene, hair, and skin health are found in the medium chains triglycerides or MCTs. Nature’s chemistry makes these coconut oil MCTs nearly water soluble enabling them to be transported more easily in the tissues of the coconut tree and also in us. That’s why MCTs are used to supplement the diet of not only malnourished persons but also those with absorption issues such as gluten intolerance and weak liver or gall bladder activity. Since MCTs are so easy to absorb, they don’t need liver bile to make them bioavailable. This means they provide energy and protection without draining energy to be digested and used.The unique properties of MCTs are also why they remain in their liquid state when refrigerated.

What makes coconut oil MCTs so delicious?

For many years beverage, soap, drug, cosmetic, and perfume makers have valued the aroma and other properties of the individual MCTs of coconut oil. Capric and Caproic fatty acids give delicious fruity flavours and textures to their products. The pharmaceutical industry wants Lauric and Caprylic fatty acids for use in the lab, for clinical studies, and for their antimicrobial properties.

Wise Shoppers will choose Coconut Oil with all the MCTs.

Many coconut growers will first separate and sell off half of the weight and also flavour of the MCTs, and then sell the remainder and still call it coconut oil or MCT oil. But a good nose can tell the difference. If your coconut oil doesn’t have a rich full aroma of coconut, it may not have the full spectrum of the MCTs. You’ll taste the difference the full spectrum provides when you bite into that fudge, macaroon, or brownie or slurp that Thai soup or curry. You’ll feel the difference in your workout and sustained energy level. You’ll see the difference when you use it on your skin and hair. The coconut tree needs all the MCTs to be protected from harsh elements and for nutrient energy to grow strong. Why shouldn’t you too?


Five NEW Delicious Flavours!

Even more sublime flavour can be experienced in these new premium liquid flavoured Coconut Oils from Nature’s Way®.


Energize your favorite ambrosia salad recipe for flavour unlike anything you’ve had before. This goes great in, or on, any fruit or garden salad and keeps your salad light by replacing heavier fats.



This flavourful combination enhances tabbouleh, shopska, sabich, and mesclun salads. I also enjoy using it as a marinade for grilled foods. It really brightens the flavours and protects the juices.



Experience the rich fusion of tropical coconut and garlic flavours. Try it in almost any dish you want to make sublime. One of my favorites is pommes de terres Dauphinois. By replacing sour cream, you enjoy rich, cholesterol-free coconut oil MCTs instead of long chain animal fats.



This flavourful blend lends a nice kick (some would say “very hot”) to any barbeque, salsa, bean, rice, stir fry, or curry dish. My favorite: kaeng matsaman Thai curry. It is “out of this world” good.



This world famous hot sauce flavour adds medium heat to the richness of our liquid coconut oil. Get

creative with it and make a sublime meal experience in casseroles, soups, polentas, egg dishes, dipping sauces, beverages (add to tomato or vegetable juice for a deluxe virgin bloody Mary), and so much more.


By: Dean G. Morris, Master Herbalist

A fifth-generation herbalist, Dean is one of the first herbalists in the United States granted practicing privileges at a major hospital. He is the director and founder of Nebo Health and serves the natural food and supplement industry with formulation, research, and technical outreach.