You know that check engine light that’s been on forever? Well, just put some tape on it and problem solved, right? You would never do that with your car, but we do it with our body all the time. Inflammation is a warning in our body. Inflammation is essentially our check engine light. And by taking anti-inflammatories without doing anything else, we’re really just putting tape over the check engine light.

We have to look at what’s under the hood if we want to solve people’s long-term pain reduction goals.

Turmeric and Curcumin have been all over the news lately, but Himalaya has been researching and extracting Turmeric for over 40 years now. Turns out that Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and tape over the engine light, but other herbs like Boswellia, Greater Galangal, and Tribulus are like the mechanics working under the hood. This combination of herbs provides a more complete approach alleviating joint pain and inflammation.

Himalaya’s clinical trials on JointCare® showed a reduction in joint deterioration by 87%, muscle pain by 80%, and joint swelling by 76% in osteoarthritis patients over 8 weeks. Additionally, it is clinically shown to increase muscle strength and reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis over 4 weeks. Turmeric is clinically shown to reduce joint pain severity by 75% and decrease difficulty in stair climbing by 74% in 4 weeks.

To support flexibility and mobility, don’t turn just to Turmeric, turn to Curcumin Complete®. It’s more than a band-aid, it’s The Joint Solution.

To summarize:
• Inflammation causes both pain and joint degradation.
• Pain is the body communicating the need to address degradation.
• Turmeric supports pain, similar to the limited effect of painkillers.
• Inflammation is only part of the story; a complete solution should address inflammation, pain, degradation and mobility.
• Curcumin Complete® is a two-part solution, which manages pain and arrests joint tissue degradation.
• Turmeric and JointCare® have clinical studies proving they reduce pain and inflammation, reduce joint deterioration and improve range of motion.