If new research has taught us anything, it’s that a healthy gut is essential for a healthy body. The gut is affected by our sleep habits, the food that we eat, our mental state (e.g. stress level), and, of course, the supplements that we take. To nourish and support the microbiome, look no further than Genuine Health’s line of products that work together PRIME, SEED and FEED the gut for a complete approach to gut and overall health.

PRIME the gut with a protein supplement – with gut health benefits
Many people take protein supplements to look and feel their best – but many proteins can be hard to digest and absorb. Genuine Health’s line of fermented proteins provide all the benefits of a highly absorbable protein – with gut health benefits! 

A London researcher named Gregor Reid is recommending that fermented foods be considered the fifth food group.

Fermentation does amazing things. It boosts nutritional quality and intensifies the strength of phytonutrients, removes nutritional obstacles like lectins that cause digestive discomfort, and creates entirely new antioxidant chemicals that are more powerful, and can help to nourish gut tissue!
• fermented vegan proteins+ contains bioactive forms of phytonutrients
• fermented Greek yogurt proteins contains unique dairy peptides
• fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+ contains fermented phytonutrients

Plus, the fermentation process also increases the absorbability of the protein.

SEED the gut with a shelf-stable probiotic that delivers the healthiest, heartiest bacteria to the gut – with no plasticizers or chemicals
The type of probiotic that you take matters. A probiotic MUST be filled with healthy, live bacteria, and it must be encapsulated in such a way that the bacteria are delivered where they need to go.

advanced gut health probiotic fulfills both of these criteria – the bacteria are triple-cleaned to remove any media and weak cells. Then they’re encapsulated in a vegan, delayed-release capsule that is plastic-free.

But how do vegan delayed-release capsules compare to enteric coated capsules?

Some people think that enteric-coated caps are the best type of capsule. But enteric coated capsules can contain plasticizers called phthalates.

There are new advancements in capsule technology and Genuine Health’s veggie delayed-release capsules stand up to the harsh environment of the stomach as well as enteric coated capsules – without the phthalates and chemicals! One human study found that Genuine Health’s caps released the small intestine 45 minutes after standard release capsules. Simply put, the healthy and hearty bacteria get where they need to go!

FEED the gut with a prebiotic superfood that is easy on the gut – and nourishes the entire body
A prebiotic can help to make the most of a probiotic. Many of the prebiotics available today, like inulin, can encourage the growth of gut bacteria. But, such prebiotics may feed both good and bad bacteria, and can lead to gas, bloating and gut irritation if consumed in high amounts.

Genuine Health’s NEW fermented organic gut superfoods+ is an exciting innovation in gut support. Made from 22 fermented organic superfoods and prebiotics, fermented organic gut superfoods is food for the gut!

Polyphenols are a class of phytonutrient that is being recognized for gut health benefits. Many studies show bi-directional relationships between polyphenols and the microbiome – they are better together! Polyphenols nourish and strengthen the intestinal lining, and help to grow good bacteria. One study found that polyphenols encourage the growth of good bacteria 30-40% better than inulin!

Genuine Health starts with 21 fresh organic, polyphenol-rich fruits, vegetables, spices and superfoods. Within hours of being picked, these superfoods are fermented.

It takes 10 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to make one pound of fermented organic gut superfoods+!
The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics recommends a minimum daily intake of prebiotics of 5 grams. We combine our fermented fruit and vegetable blend with 5 grams of an easy-to-tolerate prebiotic called VitaFiber™. One study found that in combination with green tea extract, VitaFiber™ prevented intestinal permeability, weight gain, loss of beneficial microbes and inflammation associated with diet. 

Our obsession with the microbiome doesn’t end here…
At Genuine Health, we believe in using the latest science to create products that make a difference in people’s lives! We also believe that knowledge is power, and we are proud to introduce Town Hall Medicine, a partnership with the University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. Town Hall Medicine is a new digital destination focused on providing trusted evidence-based education. Our first “town hall” will focus on the microbiome and the science behind its important impact on our health.


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