Everybody’s talking about gut health and the microbiome these days! It’s for good reason. The gut microbiome is an amazing area of study – research is discovering more and more about how our microbiome influences our overall health. Genuine Health is obsessed with the microbiome, and learning about all of the new discoveries about its role in human health.

Our gut microbiome, or the “microbe organ” as it is sometimes called, is like the control centre of our entire body. The trillions of bacterial cells that live in us can actually talk to our brain, shape our moods, keep our immune system strong, our skin healthy and glowing, and can even influence our body composition and metabolism.

But in this day and age, life can be rough on the gut! The food that we eat, the stress that we put ourselves under, and the lack of time outside can chip away at the population of our little microbe friends, leading to an imbalance of gut bacteria (for example, more “unfriendly” microbes than “friendly”) and eventually symptoms like irritated skin, food sensitivities, poor digestion and low moods.

So what can we do?

We can take a probiotic, which is an excellent first step to seed the gut with live, “friendly” and hearty life bacteria – and add diversity to our gut microbiome! Benefits of taking a high-quality probiotic range from improved digestion to a stronger immune system that can keep us from catching every cold and flu going around.

Genuine Health is proud to have developed advanced gut health probiotic based on research and the latest technology in probiotics. Made with 15 strains of bacteria to mimic healthy human gut flora, advanced gut health probiotic SEEDS the gut with life bacteria. Plus, a delayed-release veggie capsule delivers up to 10x the bacteria to the gut where it will thrive.

But once we’ve added these “friendly” microbes, how can we encourage them to stick around?

The condition of your gut matters, and fermented foods and supplements can help to create a hospitable environment for your gut microbes. Genuine Health pioneered the fermented formulas in Canada in 2013 and has been growing its line of fermented supplements ever since. The fermentation process eliminates anti-nutrients, which cause digestive upset, and PRIMES the gut to receive nutrition.

There’s also another factor in helping the right gut microbes to thrive – and improving health from head to toe, via the gut!

So much has been learned in recent years about our gut microbes (and what they like and don’t like). Believe it or not, our gut microbes share some pretty big similarities with us in terms of what keeps them healthy. For example, gut microbes like it when we spend time outside, they respond well to sleep, they don’t like stress – and, even less surprising, but just like the humans they coexist with, gut microbes need to eat!

Because our gut microbes eat everything that we do, they can easily be shaped by our diet.

The standard products for feeding gut bacteria are called prebiotics. But some studies have found that standard-issue prebiotics like inulin can feed both “friendly” and “unfriendly” bacteria – encouraging both to stay! This can lead to digestive distress like gas and bloating, which is definitely not supportive of digestion.

With their launch of greens+ 25 years ago, Genuine Health has a reputation as an expert in superfoods. This is what inspired Genuine Health to get innovative and create the ultimate superfood to FEED the gut.

NEW fermented organic gut superfoods+ is a collection of 22 fully-fermented plant-based superfoods and prebiotics that not only is a food for the gut, but can have positive effects on the rest of the body – from head to toe!

Only fermented gut superfoods+ delivers a 1-2-3 punch for the ultimate prebiotic superfood!

1 – fermented organic gut superfoods+ is made from organic plant-based superfoods that are rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols, which not only feed our gut microbes, but have synergistic benefits with them, too!

2 – fermented organic gut superfoods+ has an easy-to-tolerate source of prebiotic fibre called VitaFiber™, which helps to feed “friendly” bacteria and won’t irritate the gut.

3 – fermented organic gut superfoods+ is fully-fermented, which amplifies and intensifies the plant nutrients, which brings more nourishment to us – via our guts!

fermented organic gut superfoods+ is a great compliment to advanced gut health probiotic – Genuine Health’s super-potent, multi-strain probiotic that delivers up to 10x the bacteria to the gut!

Together, they are a complete approach to gut health, taking in all that Genuine Health has learned about the microbiome.

Learn more about both fermented organic gut superfoods+, advanced gut health probiotic and fermented proteins at genuinehealth.com


Coconut Chia Parfait with Strawberry Mango Ice Cream
Serves 2

Coconut Chia Pudding

• 4 tablespoons chia seeds
• 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder or pure vanilla extract
• 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
• 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup or raw honey (more if needed)
Coconut Yogurt Layer
• 1/4 cup coconut yogurt
Strawberry Mango Ice Cream
• 1 cup frozen mango chunks
• 1 cup frozen strawberries
• 1 scoop fermented vegan proteins+ unflavoured

1. To make the chia pudding: Mix the chia seeds with vanilla and coconut milk, then add in maple syrup or honey. Stir a few times to break up any clumps of chia and let it sit for 10-15 minutes or longer for the seeds to gel and thicken. Taste test and add more sweetener if desired
2. To make the strawberry mango ice cream: Add all ingredients to a food processor or high-speed blender with a tamper and blitz until you get a smooth ice cream-like consistency. Try not to run the machine for too long, since the accumulated heat would melt the ice cream (around 20 seconds is best)
3. To assemble: Divide half of the chia pudding between two glasses, top with a layer of coconut yogurt, the rest of the chia pudding, and finish it off with the strawberry mango ice cream. Garnish with fresh strawberries, coconut flakes, or other toppings of choice, and enjoy!

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